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ALTA Candles and Product Line, Keeping The World Healthy/ Fighting The Spread Of Germs/According to researches,the candles could be as effective as liquid disinfectants together with the added benefit of being able to penetrate porous surfaces and fabrics in a room with very little personal effort/ The natural oils used in ALTA CANDLES contain hundreds of molecules that work together to kill germs on every level, and unlike drugs, the germs do not develop resistance to the oils used in ALTA CANDLES, because each batch of oil is unique depending on a growing season’s temperature range, wind, rain, time of harvest, and more. For this reason,  ALTA CANDLE'S can be more effective at beating germs and continue to work long after a virus would have developed resistance to antibiotics.

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                                                  Oct 1, 2014

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ALTA CANDLES - Promoting Sustainable Solutions for the growing problem of Antimicrobial Resistant Germs- The Super Bugs, AKA, Nightmare Bacteria!


 Our mission is to promote health in everyday life by creating candles that are specifically designed to kill germs in a non-invasive and user-friendly way, and in addition supporting research and education in Microbial Disease Prevention. 

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